More Photoof Toufan    

 Hello everybody - I am very proud and happy to  present  my baby brother :  

His name is TOUFAN       

Toufan is  pronounced "2 fun"  which means Storm. I personally chose this name among several suggestions, I'm FUN he is FUN TOO, we are going to make a FIRESTORM.

He  was born in The Marvelous City ( Rio de Janeiro) at Casa de Saúde São José at May  30th. year  2003  at 10 hours and 38 minutes under the sign of  Gemini , which is also the 9th day of the  3 rd month of the solar calendar ( in Persian called KHORDAD ) 

At his birth he  weighed  3 Kilos and 330 Grams and  was 49 centimeter tall.

For the time being Toufan  is going to live with me and  my parents. He is going to share bedroom with me and my dad , my mom will get the rest of the house, hey - after all she is the only lady in the house, we do show great respect for minority.     

You are more than welcome to :

         E-mail Toufan: 

              Call him : +55 21 2295 47 91

         Or just write him in the old fashion way :

  Av. Atlantica 632 /601

  Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro -RJ

  CEP :22010-000 - Brazil