Atash Juun is a BIG boy now !!

I am 2 years now and every thing is twice as fun as before (it that really possible one may ask !). My birthday was fantastic - lots of wonderful presents, e-cards, telephones, e-mails, birthday cards and party the hole day long ( great - especially when it is longest day of the year down here). I just want to thank all of you who remembered me on this day and made it unforgettable for me and my folks.I just discovered body surfing, and I simply LOVE it and can't get enough - so my new routine is "riding on the waves" at Copacabana beach every day for several hours..That's all folks, take care and enjoy yourself - keep your hearts warm while I try to cool mine a bit..  A very BIG kiss to all of  you from


Two years and two cakes    


iiiieehhh sand on my fingers...            hhhuuummm just wash it away 

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