OH What a Year!!

At the dawn break of the new millennium and as I am finishing the first year of my life, it's time for reflection :  what happened during this year; what have I  achieved; the opportunities I have seized; challenges that I have met...Of course it is important to reflect deeply over this, but I am only one year old and have much more important things to do, and that is playing with all the wonderful presents that I received for my birthday and Christmas (when one has important and very important things to do - the important thing must wait).Thanks a lot to all my dearest friends and family for remembering me on my first anniversary. From the bottom of my heart, I wish for all of you happiness,  joy, good health, and may all your dreams come through in the new millennium.  A very BIG kiss to all of  you from


       Me December 21st    1999               Me one  year leather 

                                Me and my folks  

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