Atash Juun goes to (samba) School !!


One says that the year begins in Brazil after carnival, for us the Farahanis it starts march 21st.(Happy Naw Ruz to everyone) so ones again we are back to business.  


The Carnival in Rio, the largest party in universe, with a lots of dancing, singing and playing samba, even though our Samba School (Bejaflor) for the 4th. consecutive year came in second,  we as always enjoyed it very much.


After carnival, I started at the Mary Poppins Kindergarten/school, and being a true Carioca ( Who are thinking of cars, women and playing ball - not necessarily in this order ) I samba my way to the only gatinha in the class.

I'm getting fluent in Portuguese, and have been able to teach my mum and dad some too.     


That's all folks, take care and enjoy yourself - the spring is where you are -  full a lovely sounds and fragrances ready to fill your hearts with joy, love and happiness..


A very BIG kiss to all of  you from



       In memory of Tom  Jobim   	    	    Samba, samba, samba O lê lê, Samba samba, samba O lá lá..


Mary Poppins, Here I come               First meal at School! This is definitely not Basmati rice!!!   

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