Believe it or not !!


But it's already 10 months since I was born.

I am still in excellent health and happy and more active as ever - and weigh 8.5 kilos ( small is beautiful, as some very intelligent man once said), I now have 6 teeth and can eat everything, every moment of the day. There is nothing like a little snack every second hour - especially ice cream and chocolate are my favorites.  

Well friends I hope you are all well and have the warmth inside your hearts, when you can't have it outside, while I try to cool out this Brazilian hot hot summer of ours !!

A very BIG kiss to all of  you from


Mum says I can only play with toys that match my cloth ??          Water and fire a perfect match!!!

No privacy at all - even in the laundry basket !!!!!            Natural born swimmer 

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